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Study 3: Anti-aging
Dermatological efficacy study on aging skin Method Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study with 22 healthy female volunteers Age: 51 ± 6 years Verum containing Dermatopoietin® or placebo were applied on either the left or right forearm for 8 weeks. Measurements Skin structure by ultrasonography at 20 MHz and skin elasticity by cutometry on day 0, 28 and 56. Results All subjects showed a significant increase of skin density accompanied by an average increase of skin elasticity by 15 – 21% after 28 or 56 days, respectively. Typical ultrasonograms of skin before and after application of Dermatopoietin® Color coding: The stronger and lighter the color the denser the proteins. Visible are the layers of keratin in the epidermis (yellow band at left) and of collagen in the dermis (wide green layer). The application of Dermatopoietin® leads to a build-up of collagen in the dermis and a strengthening of the epidermis. Black pixels represent proteoglycans, lipids and water.
Skin of a 50-year old woman with strong signs of skin aging
After 4-week application of Dermatopoietin®
After 8-week application of Dermatopoietin®
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