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Professional concept: Enhance your results with extremely precise non-invasive skin care procedures!
The boosters are concentrated solutions of highly active substances mixed immediately prior to use with a Base Formulation to achieve immediate and visible effects. Boosters are addressing specific skin problems such as dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone, cellulite, hair shedding, dark circles, loose skin, etc. The concept consists of combining a neutral Base Formula (carrier) with specific Booster Concentrate. The end-effect is provided primarily by the Booster and NOT the Base Formula. One or a few drops of a Booster Concentrate are mixed with the carrier product in one’s palm before applying it onto skin. The carrier product comes in four types:
  • Base Formula Face (Serum, o/w-emulsion)


  • Base Formula Body (Serum, o/w-emulsion)


  • Base Formula Massage (Serum, w/o-emulsion)


  • Base Formula Scalp (hydro gel, oil-free)


Mixing ratio between Booster Concentrate and Base Formula is 1:10 (e.g. 0.1 ml Concentrate and 1 ml Base Formula) Volumes:


  • Booster Concentrate: 20 ml


  • Base Formula: 200 ml
Product Guide Booster and EVENSWISS® combination (Professional use)
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