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Efficacy Studies
EVENSWISS: Proven beauty At United Cosmeceuticals we develop, produce and deliver innovative cosmetic products that live up to their promise. As proof of this pledge please find here some of the amazing experimental results with our patented active ingredient Dermatopoietin® as well as with our finished products. Study 1 is an in vitro study, Study 2 to Study 6 are dermatological efficacy studies in human volunteers. Study 1: Dermatopoietin® stimulates keratinocytes to express and release interleukin-1 alpha Study 2: Two-photon fluorescence microscopy study on the effect of Dermatopoietin® on the collagen and elastin content of human volunteer forearm skin Study 3: Dermatological efficacy study on aging skin Study 4: Dermatological efficacy study on cellulite skin Study 5: Efficacy study on hair shedding Study 6: Dermatological study on crow's feet wrinkles and dark under-eye-circles
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